About us

Introduce Brecos as a solid footwear industry can be reductive.

We prefer to speak of 42 people, skilled workers, master craftsmen, design professionals, product development and marketing professionals, but above all of men and women who, with an authentic team spirit, carry out their work as a true mission, that to create and spread in the world one of the most appreciated testimonies of Made in Italy.



Over 200 processing steps are required to shape a Brecos shoe. Each of these steps is performed with maniacal care and unparalleled technical perfection, from manual cuts to seams from the strictly ecological dyeing to the finishing of the most original accessories

dalla tintura rigorosamente ecologica alle rifiniture degli accessori più originali.



The precision of the most innovative technological system is always supported by the skilful manual work performed by expert hands capable of giving each pair of shoes the unmistakable handcrafted imprint typical of the Brecos shoe.



Tradition and vanguard,
quality and strength, style and comfort
are the indispensable element in each Brecos brand creation
to which the excellence
of the best Italian leathers is added.

The Founders

Nicola, Mimmo e Michele .
In addition to being the managers and founders of Brecos, also cover their respective roles:
Design manager
Sample development
Finishing supervision
Upper coloring
working side by side with their company's 40 employees.